Established in 1982 by Dean Fraser, Dean proudly remains the owner and CEO of Fraser Construction which is fully insured and licensed.  Over the past thirty three years, Dean has guided Fraser Construction into a thriving construction company that is known as the Cape's leader for roofing and remodeling.  He is available with any questions at (508) 423-4978.








Mike Gunn has been with Fraser Construction for over a quarter century.  After many years as crew foreman he is now the lead salesman with an impressive list of certifications - Mike's also a master coppersmith!  Contact Mike directly at (508) 566-3040.






Jordan Race leads Fraser Construction's remodeling department.  He comes to us with over 10 years experience in the construction field, earning many certifications and licenses.  Jordan can be reached at (774) 269-6950







Cory Varao has been with our team for 8 years.  He started from the bottom and has moved his way up to Production Manager, at Fraser Construction he is the one to call with questions about repairs or scheduling. you can reach Cory at (508) 367-7612